2016 Grant Process

Congratulations to our 2016 Veteran’s Passport To Hope Grant Award Winners!

We at Veteran’s Passport To Hope are extremely proud to announce the 2016 VP2H Grant Award Winners.

Below is the complete list of the veteran friendly non-profits that your donations from 2015 will help this year.  We hope that you are as proud of the extreme generosity that has been shown throughout our communities in order to help veterans and their families as we are.

Thank you!  We couldn’t have done it without you and we look forward to your continued support.

FYI:  We had a total of $734,316 requested and we had $200,000 to give via grants this year. We fully or partially funded 29 out of 41 Grant Requests.




Project Sanctuary $30,000
Wounded Heroes Family Adventures (Breckenridge) $10,000
Patriot Anglers Corporation $10,000
Vail Veterans Foundation (Progam) $15,000
Veteran’s To Farmers $7,000
SEAKR Foundation $5,000
Angels of America’s Fallen $12,500
VFW Post #1 $6,000
Veterans Expeditions, Inc. $5,000
Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation $5,000
Colorado Veteran’s Project $3,000
Volunteers of America (CO) $10,000
Second Chance Veterans Charity $3,000
Support-A-Soldier $5,000
Project Return to Work $3,000
Motorcycle Relief Project $3,000
Redistribution Center, Inc.  $5,000
Helping Hands For Freedom $11,000
No Barriers USA $5,000
Healing Warriors Program $3,000
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless $5,000
Purple Heart Homes $7,500
Challenge America $5,000
Mountain Resource Center $5,000
Hearts and Horses $5,000
Warrior Bonfire Program $3,000
Mindfulness Peace Project $5,000
Lakewood Municipal Court Veterans Process / Court Support Jeffco $5,000
Eagle’s Nest Ranch $3,000




Our review process included evaluating each non-profit and their grant submission packet utilizing the following weighted categories (we evaluated for a total score in which a sub-committee on our board used this score as a tool in order to help decide grant award recipients and grant amounts).  Once the subcommittee approved the complete list of suggested grant awardees and amounts, our entire board voted unanimously on the finalized list):


–  Meets minimum requirements

–  501(c)3

–  Helps Vets and/or their families free of charge

–  Exists primarily to help vets

–  Efficiency rating (amount of funds going directly to helping veterans and/or their family members versus overhead)

–  990 Tax Form, Financial Statements, and Budget review

–  Colorado based or Colorado operating arm

–  Collaboration with other veteran friendly organizations

–  Active board and quality of board

–  Quality of website and focus on veterans

–  How long has the organization been established

–  Number of paid staff versus volunteers

–  Fit with VP2H mission

–  Risk of failure as an organizations or as a program

–  Ability for VP2H to make an impact

–  Impact to VP2H marketing, brand, and reputation

–  Ask amount

–  Annual budget and revenue

–  Size of non-profit

–  Source of funding/donations

–  Telephone call to each non-profit where we needed additional answers (made by our Founder – Shane Schmutz)

–  The board sub-committees relationships and knowledge of each non-profit was also taken into consideration.
NOTE:  Please save the date for our upcoming 2016 Gala which will be held on Friday, November 11th (Veteran’s Day)at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.

Thanks for all that you and your organizations do to help veterans.


Shane Schmutz

Veteran’s Passport To Hope

Board Member and Founder

Cell: 303-549-9691



“We are excited to announce that we are entering into our 5th year of existence as an organization!  We’ve raised over $1,000,000 as an organization which has gone toward helping veterans and veteran organizations based within Colorado.  

We are also proud to announce two things to start off 2016:

1-  Our 2016 Gala will be on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, at Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum (mark your calendars).

2-  We are officially opening up our Grant Submission Application Period for 2016 ($200,000 in funding available).  All interested veteran non-profits have until March 31st, 2016 to submit their Grant Requests.  We’re looking forward to an excellent and successful 2016!”

 – Shane Schmutz (Founder – VP2H)



Please read the minimum requirements below, prior to submission. A editable word document is located at the bottom of this page for download. Please use this format for submission.

Email: Info@veteranspassport2hope.org with any questions, comments, concerns, or requests for clarification ATTN: 2016 Grant Question.


  1. Applicant(s) must be a Colorado Based Veteran non-profit: 501(c)3 or the grant money spent must go directly to recipients residing in the state of Colorado.
  2. Money must be used toward helping veterans and/or their families.

(*Veteran is defined as any Active Duty service member, Reservist, National Guard member, or retired military with an honorable discharge).

  1. Applicant non-profits must have an efficiency rating of 65% or better.
  2. All programs and services provided by the non-profit must be provided to veterans or to veteran family members at zero cost.
  3. All applicants must be a 501(c)3 and must be able to provide the appropriate paperwork and EIN as proof.
  4. Grant submissions must be specific in nature and funds must go directly toward the mission. Specific needs based and mission focused grants will be fulfilled first.
  5. APPLICATION DEADLINE: 31 March, 2016.

HOW TO SUBMIT: All grant submissions must be both mailed and emailed to Shane Schmutz (see last page of the 2016 Grant Application Packet).

Please click the link below to get started:

VP2H 2016 Grant Application Packet 2016