Our Organization

Veteran’s Passport to Hope (VP2H) was founded in 2012 by Shane Schmutz, an Army veteran who recognized the need for coordinated support for veterans’ needs in Colorado. Today, VP2H is led by Executive Director Tony Drees and Board President Patrick Wieland, with sights set on growing the organization to serve many areas beyond our state’s border.

VP2H’s mission consists of three main focus areas:


Our main mission is to raise awareness of the many issues that veterans face at home, after returning from duty. Today’s troops often experience multiple tours in combat zones, and as a result are susceptible to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), high unemployment rate, high homelessness rate, high divorce rate, and a record high suicide rate. Our goal is to foster an understanding of their efforts to overcome these challenges and to cultivate compassion for their struggle.


VP2H also helps raise money for other veteran friendly non-profits, by organizing fund raising events [link to events] and managing a grant program [link to grants]. We only support high quality charities that maximize their accountability to veterans’ causes and are transparent in their fund raising and giving practices.


We recognize that there are many valuable non-profit organizations dedicated to helping veterans. A significant part of our goal at VP2H is to organize and conduct meetings with the leadership teams of these groups within the Colorado area to work together more efficiently, so that we can all do our part to help veterans more effectively

As part of our efforts toward true cooperation, we have consolidated information about resources available at no charge to veterans and their families that can be found on our Veteran’s Resource Portal.