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We depend on generous financial support from people like you to continue our mission of helping veterans in the Colorado area and beyond.

Where does your money go? Here are a few examples of the impact VP2H has had on the veteran community since 2012, with the help of the $1,300,000 from our donors and supporters (based on feedback from our beneficiaries):

  • 5,430 veterans helped
  • 4,573 veteran families helped
  • 10,672 people, total, helped or positively affected

Individual and businesses can support the mission of VP2H by donating securely online:

Ongoing support makes a bigger difference!

When you pledge ongoing support, it helps us even more. We can depend on your monthly contribution as we budget for veterans’ needs throughout the year. You enjoy the benefit of knowing that your contribution will be deducted each month, with one click of the button:

All donations for Veteran’s Passport to Hope made by check should be payable to Veteran’s Passport to Hope.

VP2H is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Tax ID# 46-0535188