Where does the money go?

We may ask ourselves that question as we review our bank accounts each month. Sometimes the money seems to disappear if we don’t track it as we spend it. For an organization like VP2H, though, it is critical that we track our incoming funds and carefully review where each dime is spent.

At VP2H, it seems we are constantly asking for those incoming funds – and, in fact, we are. We hold fundraising events. We participate in Giving Tuesday and Colorado Gives Day. We reach out to the community and to corporate sponsors. Why do we do that? So we can give that money away!

We know where our money goes. Our mission is to raise awareness, raise money, and raise the level of cooperation among the many wonderful area organizations that provide needed services to deserving veterans. Bottom line (pun intended) is that the VP2H team works toward this mission by raising money throughout the year so we can give it to those organizations that help veterans.

Our money goes toward organizations that ease veterans back into civilian life, that work with veterans experiencing the symptoms of PTSD, and that advocate for veterans’ rights. Last year, our grant recipients included organizations that bring families back together, physically and emotionally, after long separations. Several of the organizations we supported through grants provide therapy animals, such as horses and dogs, for veterans working through PTSD. Some organizations offer veterans financial and housing assistance.

We know where our money goes. And we are sincerely grateful to all of our supporters that we have those funds available each year when our grant cycle opens.

Thank you for your continuing support – on Giving Tuesday, Colorado Gives Day, and every day throughout the year. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events as well!

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